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Behind the veil of tears and sorrow, we try to grow a smile………..

Manav Seva Sahara Vikas Sanstha reaches out to many agonized souls including the physically & mentally handicapped, apart from institutions & people who are deprived of basic necessities and make it a point that they are provided with some of their requirements to some degree.

The organisation righteously utilizes donations in the service of the ailing, poor and those desperately in need. The first two words in the legend of this organisation have been epitomised by their humane service.

The architect of this philanthropic activity is Ashish Lobo who took the initiative to make that small difference to render aid to those in need in 1996. Initially, these activities were under the auspices of Sahayata Group.

It also runs a centre for adolescent health and counselling.
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Our Mission Statement
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To uplift the poor & the needy through social service and help them overcome poverty.

To provide the under-privileged with the basic necessities of life.

To help the aged & the handicapped live a decent life by providing them necessary facilities i.e medical educational aid.

To spread awareness amongst the general Public & make them realize their role in the development of communities.

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Manav Seva Sahara Vikas Sanstha
Manju Manzil, Mohan Nagar,
Nagpur - 440001

+91-9822202242, +91-8605422424

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